Question: I like an American girl who’s a Christian. Being a Hindu guy, how do I approach her?

Question: I like an American girl who's a Christian. Being a Hindu guy, how do I approach her?
One thing I forgot to mention, She's very religious.
 Robyn's Answer:
I don't know much about your religion but I do know that love can conquer all. If you take the religion thing out of your mind and see if you  two can make a connection, everything else is figureoutable (as Marie Forleo would say). Luckily even if she is very religious, Christians     don't put as much pressure on people that get in a relationship or marry outside of the religion as other religions do. If you get into a      relationship with her, just respect her values and she can respect yours and it will work out just fine. See if you can make a connection      first. That is the most important part. Good luck!!!

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Love you guys,

Robyn Lessley

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