3 Common Mistakes Wives Make That Can Destroy Their Marriage & How To Avoid These Mistakes Once & For All!

Join me on this live webinar where you will learn...

  • Why you could  be unintentionally hurting your marriage while desperately trying to make it work?
  • Learn how past mistakes, yours and his, if not let go, will KILL your relationship!
  • Learn why you can't make him listen the way you want him to...
  • Learn why a routine life will cause misery and could lead to cheating...
  • Learn how to discover your unique Heart Connection Blueprint that will change your love life as you know it.

Pick the best Date and Time that works best for you! This is the start of a much more fulfilling relationship.

Friday, December 16 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Friday, December 16 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Friday, December 16 2:30 PM Pacific Time

Saturday, December 17 8:00 PM Pacific Time

Saturday, December 17 8:00 PM Pacific Time

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Robyn Lessley

Strategic Intervention and Relationship Coach

Robyn has been trained in Human Needs Psychology, Strategic Intervention (think Tony Robbins), and advanced Relationship Coaching. Her goal is to help couples to create deeply loving relationships through true understanding of one another and themselves. Robyn can help couples to improve, heal and repair relationships that are struggling.