Raising Greatness Coaching

Life is supposed to be about meaning and living a life full of excitement and juicy moments. Coaching is there to help you break through the limits that we feel are holding us back and to actually tap into that internal greatness inside that we know has just been waiting to come out.

Raising Greatness Coaching and Robyn Lessley, Strategic Intervention, Personal Empowerment, and Relationship Coach, are here to help to raise the greatness in each and every one of us. What that means is throughout life we accumulate crap, beliefs, judgments, fears, and self images that do not serve us. As we go through life, we give things meanings and those meanings tend to shape our existence.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we do not have many people supporting us to become the best we can be. The light is usually shined on the many flaws that each of us have instead of the many gifts. In this life, we need to take an active role in becoming the best we can be. To listen to that inside urge telling you that you have a more meaningful purpose here on this planet.

I am here to help you eliminate all of the things that do not serve you and to help let your true light shine by showing you what your strengths are. Every one of us are unique in our own perfect way. Sometimes we may need a little help or coaching to help empower our lives and to discover our own true greatness.

How can coaching help me?

We go through challenging times throughout our lives. There are times when you need to take charge in shaping your life situation into what you want.
* If you hate your job, or feel unappreciated at your job, we can create something much better.
* If you are struggling in your relationship or marriage, let’s figure out how to make it juicy again..
* If you are having problems with your kids, maybe it is because you don’t have a clear picture of who they are with their gifts and their weaknesses. Every person is different and when you get a clear picture of who they are and how they are different than you, you can get a heartfelt understanding and appreciation of their differences and you can love and support them in the way that they need it.

You will learn tools from our coaching and things that you have never heard of that will make sense. You will get clarity and a new vision for your life.

Create meaning in your life, become the inspiring role model for your kids, learn to get rid of fear and to love completely. I am here to help you ignite your life!